1st Monday Maintenance, October 6th

Our next monthly planned maintenance event will be on October 6, 2014, from 7-11AM. We will be performing the following tasks:

* Upgrading the slurm cluster management/job scheduling software. This is a minor release, primarily for bug fixes. This will not affect job scheduling. A reservation is set up for the general partition
compute nodes to block them off for the upgrade. Jobs will suspend as the partition drains in preparation.

* Completing the compute node image upgrade. This activity will focus on the general queue; all others have already been upgraded. This upgrade has been extensively tested - RC staff have worked with groups that have their own partitions to make sure their code will run correctly.

* Upgrading the Research Computing VPN. HUIT recently upgraded their VPNs. We are performing this upgrade to maintain consistency with them and to fix minor bugs. During the upgrade, *all users* will be disconnected from their VPN sessions. We have scheduled 2.5 hours during the planned maintenance for the upgrade process; it will probably not last that long. Additional information for the upgrade:


   1) Upon completion of the upgrade, laptops/desktops without the latest VPN client will have a new one downloaded. Please follow the instructions to install it on your laptop/desktop computer. This new client is the same one HUIT is distributing to their customers.
   2) Beyond installation of a new client, regular use of the VPN will remain the same.

Please contact us with questions and/or comments. You may enter a ticket at rchelp@fas.harvard.edu or use our new online chat service at http://www.odybot.org.

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