Mahmood M. Shad, PhD

Manager - Research Software Engineering

Mahmood M. Shad is the Manager of Research Software Engineering (RSE) at FAS Research Computing (FASRC) department. Mahmood works with Harvard’s FASRC team to design, build, and maintain scientific software packages to address the needs of researchers from different disciplines and to accelerate cutting-edge researches at Harvard University. As a senior scientific software engineer in his previous role at FASRC, he has designed and built the computational infrastructure of the Ölveckzy Lab at the Center for Brain Science (CBS) with the help of FASRC team in order to accelerate research on the brain and neuroscience in general.
Mahmood earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and his research focuses on computational multiphase fluid dynamics and heat transfer, high-performance parallel scientific computing, scientific software engineering, and artificial intelligence. He is also interested in deep reinforcement learning as well as developing new architecture and method for big data analysis and their efficient software implementation.
In his free time, Mahmood enjoys urban/nature photography and playing with Ginger, his pet cockatiel.

Invited Talks

”Accelerating Neuroscience Research Utilizing Advanced Research Computing Resources”, Invited talk at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA; April 18, 2019.
”Accelerating Neuroscience Research at Harvard University with Advanced Research Computing Solutions”, Invited talk at the 2018 Life Sciences Field Day, Rockefeller University, New York, NY; September 27, 2018.
”Development of a Computational Platform to Study Thermal Fluid Systems with Phase Change”, Invited talk at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Alfred University, Alfred, NY; May 30, 2017.
”Liquid-Vapor Thermal Phase Change Modeling Using Diffuse and Sharp Interface Approaches”, Invited talk at the Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ; March 20, 2017.

Select Publications

M. Mohammadi Shad, ”Diffuse Interface Modeling of Boiling Using a Sharp Interface Energy Solver (Doctoral dissertation)”, City College of New York, ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database, (2017).
M. Mohammadi-Shad, T. Lee, ”Phase-field lattice Boltzmann modeling of boiling using a sharp-interface energy solver”, Physical Review E, 96, 013306 (2017).
S. Farokhirad, M. Mohammadi-Shad∗, T. Lee, ”Coalescence-induced jumping of immersed and suspended droplets on microstructured substrates”, European Journal of Computational Mechanics, 26, 205-223 (2017). ∗Equal Contribution
M. Raisee, M. Mohammadi-Shad, S. M. Hosseinalipoor, S. Farokhirad, ”Two-dimensional unstructured direct simulation Monte Carlo method for micro/nanochannel gas flows,” Proceedings of 7th ASME International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels and Minichannels, June 22-24, Pohang, South Korea, (2009).