Milson Munakami

Sr. Research Computing Facilitator (NERC)

Milson is a Senior Research Computing Facilitator with a primary focus on advising researchers in the best use of a broad set of state-of-the-art cloud platforms (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), tools, and software to enable scientific research productivity. He has over 10 years of experience as a full-stack application developer for architecting, designing, and deploying open-source, dynamic and interactive data-driven applications, techniques, and tools. He is an experienced professional with experience working in research and development oriented settings as well as in multifaceted enterprise environments.

Milson has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Boise State University. He also holds numerous professional certifications and has contributed to scientific research papers, posters, and publications. He loves to write, run codes, and contribute to the research and open-source community. He strongly believes that learning new skills is a never-ending process and that it gets bigger and better when shared with others.

Prior to joining the FAS Research Computing at Harvard University, Milson was a Scientific Applications Developer at the University of Chicago Research Computing Center (RCC) and a Senior Solutions Architect at OCC (Open Commons Consortium). He focuses on architecting, developing, and building data-intensive workflows, dynamic, and more interactive open-source scientific applications using a variety of scientific techniques and data management tools that allow to leverage the high-performance storage, resources, and compute capacity of on-premise High-Performance Computing (HPC) as well as public cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud.

Posters and Publications:
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DaLI: A Data Lifecycle Instrument Toward the Reproducibility of Scientific Research

exhibited at the SC'20: https://rb.gy/jwd53l

Govoni, M., Munakami, M., Tanikanti, A. et al. Qresp, a tool for curating, discovering and exploring
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