Knight’s Landing Test Nodes

We have 2 Intel Knight's Landing (KNL) Xeon Phi nodes available for use on Slurm using the knl_centos7 partition. Each KNL box has Xeon Phi 7210 CPU that has 64 cores at 1.30 GHz and 4 Hyperthreads per core. Each box has 192 GB of RAM and FDR IB. These hosts are open for public testing with the following caveats:

  1. These hosts have our new CentOS 7 image installed on them. This image is still in development and the software in our modules stack has not been rebuilt against CentOS 7 yet. That said, most of the software in the modules should work. However things like MPI will not. Be prepared to build your own software stack from the ground up if you use these hosts
  2. When you submit a job to these nodes you will get the complete node, even if you did not request all the cores on that node.  Plan your jobs accordingly and make sure your job uses all the compute available on the node.

If you need help testing on the KNL host please contact RC.

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