Integrating R Workflows on Odyssey 2015


This hands-on walkthrough will cover the various steps for running R code on Odyssey (this is a re-run of the material covered in our RC/Software Carpentry - R workshop). This includes:

  • Running RStudio on our GUI login node
  • Installing R packages in a home or shared (lab) directory
  • Running R (the R shell) at the command line
  • Running R scripts
  • Submitting single R batch jobs
  • Submitting R batch jobs that use different files
  • Submitting R batch jobs as a part of a SLURM job array

Please bring your laptop, have installed our VPN software, and the NoMachineX software.

You should also have an Odyssey account and be able to log in. You are also strongly encouraged to download the R files and SLURM submission scripts into your Odyssey home folder.

Materials and Walkthrough

GitHub materials

Upcoming Sessions

RSVP Thu August 14th 2015 @ 9:00 AM in Northwest Labs 425



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