Monthly Maintenance, April 6th 2015

Research Computing's April 6th maintenance activities will be:

1) Upgrading the SLURM cluster scheduling software for bug fixes and performance upgrades.

2) Testing the spunnel and x11 plug-ins. Their proper operation is critical to some of Odyssey's users.

3) Rolling reboot of all login nodes (rcloginXX)

During this time, the Odyssey cluster will be unavailable.

If at all possible, we hope to have all services and available prior to the official 11AM event close.

A reservation has been put in place for the time period of the maintenance window; any jobs that will not complete before that time will pend until the downtime is over. Change -t if you wish your job to launch and end before the downtime.

Please remember that Research Computing is continuing to enforce data retention policies on all of RC's scratch filesystems (regal and holyscratch). All files that have not been modified for the last 90 days will be deleted.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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