RC Services

High Performance Computing

Research Computing provides faculty and researchers with the tools they need to take on large-scale computing challenges. Odyssey, Harvard’s largest supercomputer, offers users over 10 Petabytes of raw storage, more than 54,000 processing cores, and numerous software modules and applications.

Scientific Computing & Application Hosting

As data sets from instruments and computational analysis keep growing, Research Computing helps researchers mine and transform that data to make scientific conclusions. In a few hours – or sometimes just a few minutes, a programmer can write a script that saves a researcher months of work, allowing them more time for other scientific pursuits.

Research Computing also hosts and creates scientific applications. This allows researchers to make their results and new techniques known to the larger scientific community. Research Computing places a high priority on giving researchers or departmental staff the ability to make changes without Research Computing help, streamlining the process.


Informatics and Scientific Applications helps researchers conduct large-scale sequence analysis on the Odyssey cluster. The group provides high level biostatistics support, helping researchers determine the significance of results from high-throughput microarray experiments, as well as assists in interpreting the results of high-throughput sequencing, and annotating genomes. To contact Informatics and Scientific Applications email Informatics.


Research Computing has several different options available for data storage. Each user gets a 20GB home directory, checkpointed and backed up for free. Research groups as a whole get 100GB checkpointed and backed up for free. Additional storage is available for purchase on shared hardware. Basic fixed price storage rates starting in November 2013 are $450/TB per 3 years for backed up storage. In addition, users and research groups can buy their own dedicated hardware for Research Computing to host.

Training on Demand

Research Computing offers Harvard faculty and staff the convenience of on demand group training. Faculty and staff can request training sessions on a number of different topics such as Parallel Computing, Parallel Tools, Bioinformatics, Python, Perl, Matlab, R, and MPI. Training includes both lectures and hands-on exercises using Odyssey. Custom courses and workshops can be developed to address unique needs. A minimum of 10 people is required for scheduling a group training session. Contact rchelp@rc.fas.harvard.edu for more information.

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