Account Qualifications and Affiliations

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for an RC account or what arrangements your school or department has with FAS Research Computing, this document may help you sort out these questions before requesting an account. If you then wish to proceed, click the following link to proceed to the account request tool.


Cluster access is intended only for legitimate purposes which benefit the research at Harvard University. Access must be authorized by the faculty or management of the FAS and our partners, and by the staff of Research Computing. Access should only be granted for the purposes necessary to accomplish the goals of Harvard University and its research projects.

All account holders, whether Harvard affiliates or outside collaborators agree to be held accountable by the Harvard University Electronic Access and Information Security polices: http://huit.harvard.edu/information-technology-policies

In addition, researchers should make themselves familiar with the university research policies maintained by the Provost's Office.

When requesting FACULTY status during sign-up, you must have a faculty appointment or your request may be rejected. Faculty accounts should only belong to those with faculty appointments. If you have a non-faculty appointment but with PI rights, you should select the job title closest to your appointment (STAFF, POSTDOC, etc.). Once your account is created, you can contact us about additional privileges.


  • FAS - Research Computing is primarily funded by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. As such, active FAS affiliates (faculty, staff, researchers, post-docs, etc.) qualify for an RC account and general cluster use at no cost to their department. Additional dedicated storage, hardware or software may incur charges.
  • SEAS - Research Computing has an arrangement with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to provide high performance computing resources and accounts for many of their researchers and classes.
  • HCSPH - Research Computing has an arrangement with the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health to provide cluster access. Accounts for faculty, staff, researchers and other appointed user are billed to HCSPH. Accounts for students under a PI who has an RC account are at no charge. For more details and account sign-up instructions, please see our dedicated HCSPH overview and Q&A pages.
  • HBS - The Harvard Business School is currently in a limited, closed pilot program and new accounts must first be vetted by HBS,  who will then contact us.
  • HMS - The Harvard Medical School maintains its own cluster (Orchestra). You can find more information from them at: https://rc.hms.harvard.edu/#orchestra


Except where noted below, an active appointment or enrollment with Harvard University is required for access to Research Computing resources. Each account must be tied to an individual and it is expected that when that individual no longer has need of the account, the lab or PI responsible for sponsoring their account will notify us of their leaving. This is especially important if the account incurs a charge or has access to sensitive research data.  If it's necessary to extend a user's access beyond their appointment/enrollment, accommodations can be made with PI/faculty approval.

An exception can be made in some cases to allow collaborators access to Research Computing resources and/or lab data. As with all accounts, PI/faculty approval is required. Please contact rchelp@rc.fas.harvard.edu for any questions surrounding collaborator access.

Please note: Sharing of accounts is not allowed and in direct violation of security policies. Shared accounts are subject to being immediately disabled and the PI/faculty member sponsoring the account notified.