CERN ROOT software

Information on running CERN's ROOT software on the Odyssey cluster.

CentOS 6 Module

The package 'ROOT' is difficult to find on our software portal because of its name. It is, however, currently installed for CentOS 6 on the cluster (until such time as CentOS 6 is deprecated. In future, you will install this for yourself on CentOS 7, so this is the last version we have installed.)

To use it requires loading a GCC module and the ROOT module root/6.02.10-fasrc01

A modular scientific software framework. It provides all the functionalities needed to deal with big data processing, statistical analysis, visualisation
and storage.

This module can only be loaded through the following modules:

module load gcc/4.8.2-fasrc01 root/6.02.10-fasrc01

You then need to follow ROOT's regular usage instructions and source its setup script:

source thisroot.sh 

CentOS 7 / Installing For Yourself

To run newer versions of ROOT, you will need to install the package yourself in your home directory and run on it on a node with CentOS 7.

CAVEAT: We are currently still on CentOS 6.x cluster-wide, but our upcoming cluster roll-out will move us to CentOS 7 as the default. More info on the O3 rollout: Odyssey 3

A new test partition called test7 with CentOS 7 nodes will be available March, 2018. In the meantime, if you would like to install and test ROOT from your home directory, you can use:

  • A) the Knight's Landing test partition. More info on the KNL Test Machines
  • B) login7.rc.fas.harvard.edu which is a login node running CentOS 7 Note: ordinarily you would not run apps directly on a login node, this is an exception made for testing purposes.

Please don't run large or memory-intensive jobs on either, small tests only please as these are limited resources.

You will need to source the ROOT setup script in your installation (thisroot.sh) before running ROOT. Please follow CERN's instructions for the location of that.

CC BY-NC 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Attribution.