HUCE Partitions

The Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) has their own purchased partitions on the FASRC cluster.  These partitions are open to select groups in HUCE and their allocation is governed by the relative fairshare of the groups.  A dashboard showing the relative allocations can be found here (RC VPN or Harvard network required).  The partitions themselves are broken down into the following:

huce_amd: 4096 cores of AMD Abu Dhabi, each node of which has 64 cores and 256 GB of RAM.

huce_amd_bigmem: 1024 cores of AMD Abu Dhabi, each node of which has 64 cores and 512 GB of RAM.

huce_bigmem: 128 cores of Intel Skylake, each node has 64 cores and 1.5 TB of RAM.

huce_intel: 9488 cores of Intel Broadwell, each node has around 128 GB of RAM with 4 GB per core. Subject to requeue by huce_intel_priority.

huce_intel_priority:  Overlaps huce_intel and is accessible only to groups with a fairshare score higher than 0.75, the fairshare threshold may change in the future based on decisions by the HUCE Cluster Allocation Committee.  This partition will requeue jobs in huce_intel to make room for jobs submitted to huce_intel_priority.  Jobs on huce_intel are requeued only if needed, and starting with jobs that are at the lowest fairshare and have run for the least amount of time.

All nodes are connected by FDR Infiniband.

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