Stata on Odyssey

In order to connect to Odyssey, you need a Research Computing account. You can find information on requesting an account here.


You will need an X11 environment to display X11-enabled apps like xstata and an SSH client. We recommend Xming and PuTTY, respectively.

Please see the X11 section in our Access and Login page for more information.

Alternately, you can use our NX servers (NoMachine) to launch a virtual Linux desktop.



Whether you are using Xming, X11/Xquartz or NoMachine, you will first need to launch an interactive session with X11 forwarding enabled (please do not try to run Stata on the login nodes). See Interactive_jobs_and_srun for more details.

For example, once logged into Odyssey, to start an interactive session with 4GB of memory on the test partition, you would type:

srun -p test --pty --x11=first --mem 4000 -t 0-06:00 /bin/bash

You can then proceed to set up and start Stata inside that session. To see the currently available versions of stata on our Modules Search.
So, for example, once you have your interactive session started you might type:

module load stata/15.0-fasrc01
Loading module stata/15.0-fasrc01

The Stata GUI will then launch.

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