Stata on Odyssey

In order to connect to Odyssey, you need a Research Computing account. You can request an account here.

Then go to the download page for the PuTTY software. Download the putty.exe and pscp.exe applications and place them in your desktop.

Next go to the Xming page and download the Xming application from the "Public Domain Release" section of the page. The current version is When installing Xming choose the "Custom Installation" option and choose "Don't install an SSH client" option. Otherwise choose defaults.

Launch the Xming server. On Vista or Windows 7 you might need to allow Xming server to communicate to the internet.

Next, double click on putty.exe on your desktop to start it.

Enter odyssey.fas.harvard.edu in the field next to Hostname (or IP address).

Session panel

Click the little "+" sign next to SSH on the left panel. Select the X11 section. On right panel following selecting X11, select "Enable X11 forwarding".

X11 panel

Click open.

On the security alert, click yes to accept Odyssey's key. On the login as: prompt type your Odyssey username. Then at the password type your odyssey password. You are now logged into Odyssey.

On the command line type:

[hptc@iliadaccess02 ~]$ module load math/stata-11.0
Loading module math/stata-11.0
[hptc@iliadaccess02 ~]$ xstata
[hptc@iliadaccess02 ~]$

The Stata-11 GUI should now have launched.

In addition to the regular xstata, we also have licensed xstata-se (for large memory jobs) and xstata-mp (for up to 4 processor runs).

CC BY-NC 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Attribution.