I accidentally deleted my data, how do I get it back?

Your home directory has periodic snapshots taken. These snapshots are of your home directory files from various recent points in time. They are in a hidden directory named .snapshot, within every other directory in your home directory. The command ls -a will not show these, but you can ls .snapshot directly, and cd .snapshot to go into the directory.

In the .snapshot folder you will see “hourly” “daily” “monthly” folders with the date of the snapshots. Traverse (cd) to the snapshot folder corresponding to the period you wish to restore data from. From there you can simply copy the relevant files back into your home folder using your favorite file copy tool (rsync, cp, etc.)

Lab directory backups are for disaster recovery only, as they are handled separately and do not have snapshot capabilities. As such, we cannot recover accidental file deletions. Please contact RC Help if you have any questions.

Please also see our Storage document for more info.

Last updated: April 13, 2017 at 14:22 pm

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