How do I fairly manage dual/multiple lab affiliations for work on the FASRC cluster?

We're really glad you asked us this question! How you submit your jobs will determine what lab's fairshare is selected. There are two levels to this question, the first concerning filesystem rights and the second SLURM submissions.

For filesystem rights, your primary group ID should be set to your primary lab group, and request from us a secondary group membership in Active Directory. If you wish to switch to the other group for work (for example, when creating files in smith_lab shared storage, you would want to make sure your group is set to smith_lab, not jones_lab), use the newgrp 2NDGROUPNAME command.

In SLURM, ensure that your primary group membership is set for the appropriate lab, and request from us a secondary group affiliation in SLURM. When submitting SLURM jobs, all resource usage will be charged to your primary SLURM group. If you wish to submit jobs for the other group, using the --account=2NDGROUPNAME on the sbatch or srun command.

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