How do I login to the FASRC cluster?

Step 1: Launch the OpenAuth application. For instructions on how to install and launch OpenAuth please see here.

Step 2: Launch a Terminal application.

Step 3: Using your Terminal application, connect through login.rc.fas.harvard.edu using ssh. If you are running Linux or Mac OSX it is as simple as running: ssh USERNAME@login.rc.fas.harvard.edu

USERNAME is the name you were assigned when you received your Research Computing account. (Add -Y if you have an X11 server installed and desire graphics support.) If you are on Windows, download PuTTY or your favorite ssh software and connect to login.rc.fas.harvard.edu.

You will be asked for your Research Computing password and OpenAuth Verification Code upon connecting. The hostname login.rc.fas.harvard.edu is a round-robin to some of our hosts named rclogin##.rc.fas.harvard.edu, so that is what you will see in your shell prompt once connected.

Note: In certain instances you will need to be logged on to the Research Computing VPN to access the cluster. Please see the VPN setup page for instructions on how to logon to the Research Computing VPN.

For more details on access to the cluster cluster see the Access and Login page.

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