How do I run a Matlab script on Odyssey?

To run a Matlab script (with no graphical interface component) on the Odyssey cluster, login using your preferred terminal application then activate the application by loading the module.

module load matlab
To load a particular version of Matlab, see: Module Search 'matlab'

Then, assuming your script is named calc.m, either run it through an interactive session

srun --pty --mem 1000 -p test matlab -nojvm -nodisplay -nosplash < calc.m

or use the matlab command in a batch script

#SBATCH -o calc.out
#SBATCH -o calc.err
#SBATCH -p serial_requeue
#SBATCH -n 1
#SBATCH --mem 1000
#SBATCH -t 1000

matlab -nojvm -nodisplay -nosplash < calc.m

Make sure that `calc.m` finishes with an `exit` command. Otherwise, the process will hang waiting for further input.

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