How do I submit a batch job to the FASRC cluster queue with SLURM?

Step 1: Login to cluster through your Terminal window. Please see the Access and Login page for login instructions.

Step 2: Run a batch job by typing: sbatch RUNSCRIPT. Replace RUNSCRIPT with the batch script (a text file) you will use to run your code.

The batch script should contain #SBATCH comments that tell SLURM how to run the job.


#SBATCH -n 1 #Number of cores
#SBATCH -t 5 #Runtime in minutes
#SBATCH -p serial_requeue #Partition to submit to
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=100 #Memory per cpu in MB (see also --mem)
#SBATCH -o hostname.out #File to which standard out will be written
#SBATCH -e hostname.err #File to which standard err will be written
#SBATCH --mail-type=END #Type of email notification- BEGIN,END,FAIL,ALL
#SBATCH --mail-user=ajk@123.com #Email to which notifications will be sent


See the batch submission section of the Running Jobs page for detailed instructions and sample batch submission scripts.

Note: You must declare how much memory and how many cores you are using for your job. By default SLURM assumes you need 100 MB. The script assumes that it is running in the current directory and will load your .bashrc.

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