My login is slow or my batch commands are slow

Nine times out of ten, slowness at login, starting file transfers, failed SFTP sessions, or slow batch command starts is caused by un-needed module loads in your .bashrc

We do not recommend putting multiple module loads in your .bashrc as each and every new shell you or your jobs create will call those module loads. It is recommended that you put your module loads in your job scripts so that you are not loading un-needed modules and waiting on those module calls to complete before commencing the job. Alternately, you can create a login script or alias containing your frequently used modules that you can run when you need to use them.

Either way, try to keep any module loads in your .bashrc down to a bare minimum, calling only those modules that you absolutely need in each and every login or job.

Additionally, as time goes on modules change or are removed. Please ensure you remove any deprecated modules from your .bashrc or other scripts. For example, the legacy modules no longer exist. So if you have a call to module load legacy and any of the legacy modules, or if you have source new-modules.sh your login will be delayed as the module system searches for and then times out on those non-existent modules.

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