RCSTORE02 DATA: Space for those without dedicated Lab Storage

Note: Previously, this document referred to \\rcfs1\data and is now updated to reflect recent updates in RC storage infrastructure.


This storage exists for users who have "RC" accounts in the Sciences but are sometimes not part of a group that has arranged for file storage on any of the file systems within Research Computing. This is usually the case for "fee for service" clients who utilize Core Lab resources at NWL.

For these users, we provide access to a temporary/scratch storage space at \\rcstore02.rc.fas.harvard.edu\data, which is accessible in the same way as a standard lab folder would be accessed. This ensures that data collected while using instrumentation can be collected and retrieved using the same model as other users with dedicated storage space. It is important to note that files older than 30 DAYS are automatically purged, so be sure to collect your data promptly.

We also recognize that users of temp space are often part of external organizations who utilize our core resources and are often looking to retrieve data they generate from remote locations that may restrict VPN usage. We have therefore created a Secure file retrieval site to better accommodate this need.

Using your Sciences/RC credentials, go to the site:


With a FTPS compliant client, go to the site:

ftps://data.rc.fas.harvard.edu. Your login username will be expressed as: rc\username

Note: Files cannot be deleted using these access methods.

\\rcstore02.rc.fas.harvard.edu\data is a common storage space for users whose lab does not have their own space. Any data that is older than 30 DAYS is automatically purged, so please be sure to retrieve your data within that time frame.


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