Home directory server move – All day event – Affects most services

Monday July 20, 2020

Home Directories unavailable All Day July 20th, 2020

High Impact: All cluster jobs, cluster login, VDI/OOD login, home directory mounts, software modules, Portal and new account signups

Does not directly affect SPINAL, MiniLims, Windows-only environments (except if home directories have been manually mounted)

As a part of the Markley-Boston data center downsizing project, FASRC will be combining physical data center space with HMS.  From June-August we will be moving 18 racks worth of servers to a new location.

On July 20th, we will be moving the server that houses user home directories. As cluster-capable accounts cannot operate without a home directory:

  • All running jobs will be stopped early morning on July 20th - Please plan accordingly as jobs cannot be resumed 
  • Compute nodes will unmount home directories (hence jobs cannot continue to run and must be stopped)
  • All login nodes and VDI/OOD will be unavailable for the duration
  • Portal account signups/group additions will be unavailable
  • Portal software modules listing will be unavailable
  • Home directories mounted on remote personal computers will be unavailable

Home directories will be physically moved (related to next item). This will require the stoppage of all jobs and cluster logins as accounts cannot operate without a home directory. We are targeting a single day (allotting 8-10 hrs) on July 20th. More details to follow.


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