Monthly Maintenance, July 10th 2017 7am-11am

Monday July 10, 2017 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Greetings from FAS Research Computing. We hope your summer is going well so far. 

Our next monthly maintenance is Monday, July 10th from 7am to 11am.  

Along with the usual login and NX node reboots we have a couple other important improvements we are making to the Odyssey environment:

  • Regal Quotas - Implementing a 50TB limit per group to help avoid full scratch issues
  • Slurm Upgrade to 17.02.4 - IMPORTANT: Please note that job IDs will roll over (starting in 24million range)


REGAL: We will be instituting a 50 TB quota for labs on Regal.

As you are aware our Regal scratch file system has been running near capacity for several months.  Well over 300 labs have space on Regal, which can fill up even a petabyte-scale system rather quickly.  In order to make sure that Regal is usable for all labs and users we will be instituting a 50 TB quota for all labs on Regal.  We have opted to do this rather than move to a 60 day retention period, although if Regal continues to be full we will be forced to do so in order to preserve usability.

In addition, as a reminder, Regal is temporary scratch space.  The data on Regal is not backed up and has no disaster recovery copy. It is assumed to be transient in nature. Any essential data should be copied and stored on a persistent filesystem.  Additionally, please be ware that using tactics to circumvent retention is a violation of policy and administrative action will occur (https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/policy-scratch/).  While retention is typically run monthly, we will run retention more frequently if Regal is near capacity.  We want Regal to continue to be highly-available for jobs and other high input/output (I/O) work.

SLURM: We will be upgrading to Slurm 17.02.4 during this maintenance. Job IDs will roll over as a result.

This is a major version upgrade, and thus there are numerous changes and bug fixes that are part of this release.  During the Slurm upgrade all jobs will be paused and all partitions will be set to down.  Full release notes are shown below.  Most of these changes will not impact user interaction with Slurm, but rather introduce new features.

The major change that is user-facing is that the Maximum Job Id is being reduced from 4 billion down to 67 million to enable cluster federation (multiple sSurm masters).  As we are well beyond that number, JobIDs will roll over after this update and new jobs will start over (update: actual rollover reset to the 24000000 range). Jobs that are running and pending with JobID's higher than 67 million will continue to run with their current JobID and will show up as that ID in the Slurm database.  Given our current rate of jobs, 2 million a month, and assuming rollovers to zero, we will roll over JobID approximately every 33 months.

We hope you have an excellent 4th of July and a great summer!
FAS Research Computing


-------------------------------------SLURM RELEASE NOTES-------------------------------------

After 9 months of development we are pleased to announce the availability of Slurm version 17.02

A brief description of what is contained in this release and other notes about it is contained below. For a fuller description please consult the RELEASE_NOTES file available in the source.

Thanks to all involved!

Slurm downloads are available from https://schedmd.com/downloads.php.

23 February 2017

MaxJobID value as needed to eliminate any confusion.

If using the slurmdbd (Slurm DataBase Daemon) you must update this first.
The 17.02 slurmdbd will work with Slurm daemons of version 15.08 and above.
You will not need to update all clusters at the same time, but it is very
important to update slurmdbd first and having it running before updating
any other clusters making use of it. No real harm will come from updating
your systems before the slurmdbd, but they will not talk to each other
until you do. Also at least the first time running the slurmdbd you need to
make sure your my.cnf file has innodb_buffer_pool_size equal to at least 64M.
You can accomplish this by adding the line


under the [mysqld] reference in the my.cnf file and restarting the mysqld. The
buffer pool size must be smaller than the size of the MySQL tmpdir. This is
needed when converting large tables over to the new database schema.

Slurm can be upgraded from version 15.08 or 16.05 to version 17.02 without loss
of jobs or other state information. Upgrading directly from an earlier version
of Slurm will result in loss of state information.

If using SPANK plugins that use the Slurm APIs, they should be recompiled when
upgrading Slurm to a new major release.

NOTE: systemd services files are installed automatically, but not enabled.
You will need to manually enable them on the appropriate systems:
- Controller: systemctl enable slurmctld
- Database: systemctl enable slurmdbd
- Compute Nodes: systemctl enable slurmd

NOTE: If you are not using Munge, but are using the "service" scripts to
start Slurm daemons, then you will need to remove this check from the
etc/slurm*service scripts.

NOTE: If you are upgrading with any jobs from 14.03 or earlier
(i.e. quick upgrade from 14.03 -> 15.08 -> 17.02) you will need
to wait until after those jobs are gone before you upgrade to 17.02.

-- Added infrastructure for managing workload across a federation of clusters.
(partial functionality in version 17.02, fully operational in May 2017)
-- In order to support federated jobs, the MaxJobID configuration parameter
default value has been reduced from 2,147,418,112 to 67,043,328 and its
maximum value is now 67,108,863. Upon upgrading, any pre-existing jobs that
have a job ID above the new range will continue to run and new jobs will get
job IDs in the new range.
-- Added "MailDomain" configuration parameter to qualify email addresses.
-- Automatically clean up task/cgroup cpuset and devices cgroups after steps
are completed.
-- Added burst buffer support for job arrays. Added new SchedulerParameters
configuration parameter of bb_array_stage_cnt=# to indicate how many pending
tasks of a job array should be made available for burst buffer resource
-- Added new sacctmgr commands: "shutdown" (shutdown the server), "list stats"
(get server statistics) "clear stats" (clear server statistics).
-- The database index for jobs is now 64 bits. If you happen to be close to
4 billion jobs in your database you will want to update your slurmctld at
the same time as your slurmdbd to prevent roll over of this variable as
it is 32 bit previous versions of Slurm.
-- All memory values (in MB) are now 64 bit. Previously, nodes with more than
of memory would not schedule or enforce memory limits correctly.
-- Removed AIX, BlueGene/L and BlueGene/P support.
-- Removed sched/wiki and sched/wiki2 plugins and associated code.
-- Added PrologFlags=Serial to disable concurrent execution of prolog/epilog


We are pleased to announce the release of Slurm version 17.02.2, which contains 49 bug fixes developed over the past month.

Slurm can be downloaded from: https://www.schedmd.com/downloads.php

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.2
-- Update hyperlink to LBNL Node Health Check program.
-- burst_buffer/cray - Add support for line continuation.
-- If a job is cancelled by the user while it's allocated nodes are being
reconfigured (i.e. the capmc_resume program is rebooting nodes for the job)
and the node reconfiguration fails (i.e. the reboot fails), then don't
requeue the job but leave it in a cancelled state.
-- capmc_resume (Cray resume node script) - Do not disable changing a node's
active features if SyscfgPath is configured in the knl.conf file.
-- Improve the srun documentation for the --resv-ports option.
-- burst_buffer/cray - Fix parsing for discontinuous allocated nodes. A job
allocation of "20,22" must be expressed as "20\n22".
-- Fix rare segfault when shutting down slurmctld and still sending data to
the database.
-- Fix gres output of a job if it is updated while pending to be displayed
correctly with Slurm tools.
-- Fix pam_slurm_adopt.
-- Fix missing unlock when job_list doesn't exist when starting priority/
-- Fix segfault if slurmctld is shutting down and the slurmdbd plugin was
in the middle of setting db_indexes.
-- Add ESLURM_JOB_SETTING_DB_INX to errno to note when a job can't be updated
because the dbd is setting a db_index.
-- Fix possible double insertion into database when a job is updated at the
moment the dbd is assigning a db_index.
-- Fix memory error when updating a job's licenses.
-- Fix seff to work correctly with non-standard perl installs.
-- Export missing slurmdbd_defs_[init|fini] needed for libslurmdb.so to work.
-- Fix sacct from returning way more than requested when querying against a job
array task id.
-- Fix double read lock of tres when updating gres or licenses on a job.
-- Make sure locks are always in place when calling
-- Prevent slurmctld SEGV when creating reservation with duplicated name.
-- Consider QOS flags Partition[Min|Max]Nodes when doing backfill.
-- Fix slurmdbd_defs.c to not have half symbols go to libslurm.so and the
other half go to libslurmdb.so.
-- Fix 'scontrol show jobs' to remove an errant newline when 'Switches' is
-- Better code for handling memory required by a task on a heterogeneous
-- Fix regression in 17.02.0 with respects to GrpTresMins on a QOS or
-- Cleanup to make make dist work.
-- Schedule interactive jobs quicker.
-- Perl API - correct value of MEM_PER_CPU constant to correctly handle
memory values.
-- Fix 'flags' variable to be 32 bit from the old 16 bit value in the perl api.
-- Export sched_nodes for a job in the perl api.
-- Improve error output when updating a reservation that has already started.
-- Fix --ntasks-per-node issue with srun so DenyOnLimit would work correctly.
-- node_features/knl_cray plugin - Fix memory leak.
-- Fix wrong cpu_per_task count issue on heterogeneous system when dealing with
-- Fix double free issue when removing usage from an association with sacctmgr.
-- Fix issue with SPANK plugins attempting to set null values as environment
variables, which leads to the command segfaulting on newer glibc versions.
-- Fix race condition on slurmctld startup when plugins have not gone through
init() ahead of the rpc_manager processing incoming messages.
-- job_submit/lua - expose admin_comment field.
-- Allow AdminComment field to be set by the job_submit plugin.
-- Allow AdminComment field to be changed by any Administrator.
-- Fix key words in jobcomp select.
-- MYSQL - Streamline job flush sql when doing a clean start on the slurmctld.
-- Fix potential infinite loop when talking to the DBD when shutting down
the slurmctld.
-- Fix MCS filter.
-- Make it so pmix can be included in the plugin rpm without having to
specify --with-pmix.
-- MYSQL - Fix initial load when not using he DBD.
-- Fix scontrol top to not make jobs priority 0 (held).
-- Downgrade info message about exceeding partition time limit to a debug2.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.3
-- Increase --cpu_bind and --mem_bind field length limits.
-- Fix segfault when using AdminComment field with job arrays.
-- Clear Dependency field when all dependencies are satisfied.
-- Add --array-unique to squeue which will display one unique pending job
array element per line.
-- Reset backfill timers correctly without skipping over them in certain
-- When running the "scontrol top" command, make sure that all of the user's
jobs have a priority that is lower than the selected job. Previous logic
would permit other jobs with equal priority (no jobs with higher priority).
-- Fix perl api so we always get an allocation when calling Slurm::new().
-- Fix issue with cleaning up cpuset and devices cgroups when multiple steps
end at the same time.
-- Document that PriorityFlags option of DEPTH_OBLIVIOUS precludes the use of
-- Fix issue if an invalid message came in a Slurm daemon/command may abort.
-- Make it impossible to use CR_CPU* along with CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE. The
options are mutually exclusive.
-- ALPS - Fix scheduling when ALPS doesn't agree with Slurm on what nodes
are free.
-- When removing a partition make sure it isn't part of a reservation.
-- Fix seg fault if loading attempting to load non-existent burstbuffer plugin.
-- Fix to backfill scheduling with respect to QOS and association limits. Jobs
submitted to multiple partitions are most likley to be effected.
-- sched/backfill: Improve assoc_limit_stop configuration parameter support.
-- CRAY - Add ansible play and README.
-- sched/backfill: Fix bug related to advanced reservations and the need to
reboot nodes to change KNL mode.
-- Preempt plugins - fix check for 'preempt_youngest_first' option.
-- Preempt plugins - fix incorrect casts in preempt_youngest_first mode.
-- Preempt/job_prio - fix incorrect casts in sort function.
-- Fix to make task/affinity work with ldoms where there are more than 64
cpus on the node.
-- When using node_features/knl_generic make it so the slurmd doesn't segfault
when shutting down.
-- Fix potential double-xfree() when using job arrays that can lead to
slurmctld crashing.
-- Fix priority/multifactor priorities on a slurmctld restart if not using
-- Fix NULL dereference reported by CLANG.
-- Update proctrack documentation to strongly encourage use of
-- Fix potential memory leak if job fails to begin after nodes have been
selected for a job.
-- Handle a job that made it out of the select plugin without a job_resrcs
-- Fix potential race condition when persistent connections are being closed at
-- Fix incorrect locks levels when submitting a batch job or updating a job
in general.
-- CRAY - Move delay waiting for job cleanup to after we check once.
-- MYSQL - Fix memory leak when loading archived jobs into the database.
-- Fix potential race condition when starting the priority/multifactor plugin's
decay thread.
-- Sanity check to make sure we have started a job in acct_policy.c before we
clear it as started.
-- Allow reboot program to use arguments.
-- Message Aggr - Remove race condition on slurmd shutdown with respects to
destroying a mutex.
-- Fix updating job priority on multiple partitions to be correct.
-- Don't remove admin comment when updating a job.
-- Return error when bad separator is given for scontrol update job licenses.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.4
-- Do not attempt to schedule jobs after changing the power cap if there are
already many active threads.
-- Job expansion example in FAQ enhanced to demonstrate operation in
heterogeneous environments.
-- Prevent scontrol crash when operating on array and no-array jobs at once.
-- knl_cray plugin: Log incomplete capmc output for a node.
-- knl_cray plugin: Change capmc parsing of mcdram_pct from string to number.
-- Remove log files from test20.12.
-- When rebooting a node and using the PrologFlags=alloc make sure the
prolog is ran after the reboot.
-- node_features/knl_generic - If a node is rebooted for a pending job, but
fails to enter the desired NUMA and/or MCDRAM mode then drain the node and
requeue the job.
-- node_features/knl_generic disable mode change unless RebootProgram
-- Add new burst_buffer function bb_g_job_revoke_alloc() to be executed
if there was a failure after the initial resource allocation. Does not
release previously allocated resources.
-- Test if the node_bitmap on a job is NULL when testing if the job's nodes
are ready. This will be NULL is a job was revoked while beginning.
-- Fix incorrect lock levels when testing when job will run or updating a job.
-- Add missing locks to job_submit/pbs plugin when updating a jobs
-- Add support for lua5.3
-- Add min_memory_per_node|cpu to the job_submit/lua plugin to deal with lua
not being able to deal with pn_min_memory being a uint64_t. Scripts are
urged to change to these new variables avoid issue. If not set the
variables will be 'nil'.
-- Calculate priority correctly when 'nice' is given.
-- Fix minor typos in the documentation.
-- node_features/knl_cray: Preserve non-KNL active features if slurmctld
reconfigured while node boot in progress.
-- node_features/knl_generic: Do not repeatedly log errors when trying to read
KNL modes if not KNL system.
-- Add missing QOS read lock to backfill scheduler.
-- When doing a dlopen on liblua only attempt the version compiled against.
-- Fix null-dereference in sreport cluster ulitization when configured with
-- Fix Partition info in 'scontrol show node'. Previously duplicate partition
names, or Partitions the node did not belong to could be displayed.
-- Fix it so the backup slurmdbd will take control correctly.
-- Fix unsafe use of MAX() macro, which could result in problems cleaning up
accounting plugins in slurmd, or repeat job cancellation attempts in
-- Fix 'scontrol update reservation duration=unlimited' to set the duration
to 365-days (as is done elsewhere), rather than 49710 days.
-- Check if variable given to scontrol show job is a valid jobid.
-- Fix WithSubAccounts option to not include WithDeleted unless requested.
-- Prevent a job tested on multiple partitions from being marked
-- Prevent a race between completing jobs on a user-exclusive node from
leaving the node owned.
-- When scheduling take the nodes in completing jobs out of the mix to reduce
fragmentation. SchedulerParameters=reduce_completing_frag
-- For jobs submited to multiple partitions, report the job's earliest start
time for any partition.
-- Backfill partitions that use QOS Grp limits to "float" better.
-- node_features/knl_cray: don't clear configured GRES from non-KNL node.
-- sacctmgr - prevent segfault in command when a request is denied due
to a insufficient priviledges.
-- Add warning about libcurl-devel not being installed during configure.
-- Streamline job purge by handling file deletion on a separate thread.
-- Always set RLIMIT_CORE to the maximum permitted for slurmd, to ensure
core files are created even on non-developer builds.
-- Fix --ntasks-per-core option/environment variable parsing to set
the requested value, instead of always setting one.
-- If trying to cancel a step that hasn't started yet for some reason return
a good return code.
-- Fix issue with sacctmgr show where user=''

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