Monthly Maintenance, June 1st, 2020 7am-11am

Monday June 1, 2020 7:00 PM to 11:00 AM

Monthly maintenance will occur on Monday, June 1st from 7am to 11am.

Please note that our office hours (Wednesdays 12pm -3pm) have moved online.
Details: https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/training/office-hours/

The annual June power downtime at MGHPCC has been postponed until October.
We will inform you of the final date and begin giving regular notices closer to the date.


  • Update security on MGHPCC server that creates two-factor tokens
    □ Audience: All users
    □ Impact: No impact expected as this service is redundant with Boston server, but potential to affect two-factor login
  • LNET Upgrades
    □ Audience: Lustre filesystems
    □ Impact: No visible impact expected.
  • BOS Globus managed endpoint
    □ Audience: All Globus users
    □ Impact: No impact. New endpoint will be added to serve Boston based filesystems.
  • Nvidia driver update - staggered over several days
    □ Audience: All GPU users
    □ Impact: None expected. Updates will occur in stages when nodes are idle or drained
  • Lustre root squash
    □ Audience: Lustre filesystems
    □ Impact: No impact. Noted for informational purposes.
  • Login and VDI nodes will be rebooted
    □ Audience: Cluster users of VDI
    □ Impact: Brief disruption to users currently logged in.
  • Renumber MGHPCC login nodes - public IPs only
    □ Audience: Anyone logged into a holyoke login node
    □ Impact: Will occur concurrent with login reboots
  • Scratch cleanup ( https://docs.rc.fas.harvard.edu/kb/policy-scratch/ )
    □ Audience: Cluster users
    □ Impact: Files older than 90 days will be removed.

FAS Research Computing

Reminder: Scratch 90-day file retention purging runs occur regularly not just during maintenance periods.

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