Getting help

There are several ways to get help for issues that may arise within Research Computing and that can't be addressed by the documentation provided by this website.

  • HUIT may be the answer
    Harvard University IT is the place to go for many issues, including email and desktop support.

  • Access to many RC and Informatics resources can be requested through the account request tool
    If you need access to the Odyssey cluster, etc., use this tool

  • Reset your password with the password reset tool
    Password resets are a common request and a special purpose tool has been setup to assist with this.

    Not sure what to put for text here. Should probably just forward them to Informatics, eh?

  • Post a ticket with the RC Ticket page or send an email to rchelp@fas.harvard.edu
    The RC Ticket page allows you to submit an issue to the RT ticketing software used by RC to track issues. Comments and attachments can be submitted from the web page and outstanding tickets can be reviewed. Or, just like always, you can submit a ticket by sending email to the RC help account.

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