Introduction to Odyssey — Online


This online training covers various aspects of accessing and using Odyssey, our 60K+ core computer cluster:

  • Access and Login
  • Placing files, filesystems, and storage
  • Selecting and/or installing software
  • Determining resource requirements (time, RAM, partition)
  • Writing SLURM submission scripts
  • Troubleshooting, pitfalls, and acceptable use
  • Methods for obtaining help
  • IT, Data Security, and Data Usage Agreements (DUA)

Although we will touch on the documentation listed below, the goal of this training is to provide a unified synthesis of this material to help you understand how you can use the compute resources effectively & efficiently.

There are three parts to completing your training online:

  1. Watch a short slide deck video and narration
  2. Take an online quiz

The total amount of time to complete all three steps should be about 30 minutes. If you do not complete all three steps, our system may not register you as having fulfilled your training requirement.

IT/Data Security

Please note that if you are working with confidential information or have a Data Usage Agreement (DUA), you must make an appointment with RC for a discussion on execution of the DUA and for further training.

Step 1: Watch the Video

The Introduction to Odyssey video is divided into six, short 4-minute sections which move quickly. We urge you to watch all sections in their entirety, but feel free to pause to take notes as needed.

Please note the following changes to our Introduction since the video had been produced: The 'interact' partition/queue is now called 'test'

Click here to start the online video

If you are vision or hearing-impaired, please contact RCHelp and we will be happy to make alternative arrangements.

Step 2: Take the Quiz

You must complete a short quiz and score above 90%. Feel free to review the video material before taking the quiz. You can retake the quiz as many times as you'd like, but your score will not be submitted until it is 90% or above.

NOTE!! When starting the test, ensure that your Name and the email affiliated with your RC account are entered correctly. If these do not match what we have on file, your completion status may be missed.

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HUIT IT security policy
VPR data security policy

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