Much of our documentation is available for re-use under a Creative Commons license. Such documents will display the applicable license information at the bottom of the document. If no Creative Commons licensing information is displayed on a document or if it contains a different notice of copyright (example: Copyright © The Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College), the content is not available for re-use.

As it may be burdensome to note an attribution on every page if many pages are re-used, placing a blanket attribution in a prominent place on the site is an  acceptable form of attribution. Below is an example attribution for such situations. You may modify the wording to fit your use-case as long as the general sentiment is the same and includes a link to our website:

"Portions of our documentation contain content originally created by Harvard FAS Research Computing and adapted by us under the Creative Commons [please insert license type here]. More information: https://rc.fas.harvard.edu/about/attribution/ "


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