FAS Research Computing Organization

Scott Yockel, PhD

scottScott joined Research Computing in February 2015 as Senior Team Lead of HPC, and is interim director as of July 2017. He has extensive experience in research computing, HPC system administration, and a number of years of program management. More...

38 Oxford Street | Room 204A | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: scott_yockel@harvard.edu

Brian White

Brian WhiteBrian White joined Research Computing in October 2013. Brian manages the system administration and operations arm of Research Computing. Prior to his appointment, he was involved in IT endeavors since the mid-1980s, starting as a PC lab manager at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in October 1986, where he studied for a MS in Computer Science. He then taught himself Unix system administration and went on be site postmaster, design and build the university’s primary main system, as well as design/implement various student academic support systems. More...

Manager - Operations
38 Oxford Street | Room 205 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: brian_white@harvard.edu

Justin Riley

JustinJustin Riley joined Research Computing in 2015 as a senior team lead for special projects. Before joining, Justin worked in the Software Tools for Academics and Researchers Group (STAR: http://star.mit.edu) at MIT for eight years.

Manager - Cloud & Software As Infrastructure
38 Oxford Street | Room 210 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: justinriley@fas.harvard.edu

Raminder Singh

Raminder joined research computing in April 2018 as a Sr. Team lead for Data Science Consulting. Before joining, he was IT Project Lead for Beth Israel's Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation group where he was responsible for building data processing and data management solutions for biomedical data. He also has experience building solutions to process and analyze big data on high performance systems (HPC) and cloud infrastructures. Before moving to Boston in Dec 2016, he worked for Indiana University Research Technology for 8 years.

Research Interests:
Raminder enjoys solving IT challenges and building technology solutions to facilitate research. Automation of scientific workflows and data management are big challenges in research and he is a contributor to the number of software open source projects to help solve this for different research domains.

Manager - Data Science & Research Facilitation
38 Oxford Street | Room 104 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: r_singh@g.harvard.edu

Maggie McFee

Maggie McFeeBefore joining FASRC, Maggie ran the Physics department's Computing Services Group which she joined in 2005 after returning from a stay in Australia. During her stay overseas, she developed database-driven online apps and provided freelance systems administration. It was while working for the University of Wollongong that she developed a taste for academia. Prior to this, Maggie worked for the Intel Performance Microprocessor Division in Portland, Oregon supporting the tape-out environment during the Pentium Pro and Pentium 4 development life-cycles. More...

Manager - Advanced Research Computing Services
38 Oxford Street | Room 211A | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: mmcfee@g.harvard.edu


Dan Caunt

dan cauntDan began his IT career in the Army as a Signal Officer stationed in Mannheim, Germany, where he managed deployable communications centers consisting of satellite, network, and server equipment for 7th Signal Brigade. More...

Research Computing Specialist
38 Oxford Street | Room 208 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: dcaunt@fas.harvard.edu

Wes Dillingham

wes dillinghamBefore joining Research Computing in February 2015, Wes worked as a Systems Engineer at Brigham and Women’s Channing Division of Network Medicine. There he and his colleagues implemented Cumulus, the first research cloud computing system at Partners Healthcare. More...

Sr. Storage Engineer, NESE Project
38 Oxford Street | Room 211 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: wdillingham@g.harvard.edu

Molly Duggan

Molly came to Research Computing from HUIT, where she worked as a DevOps engineer. Over the course of her career, she’s worked in sectors ranging from higher education to advertising, and in organizations ranging from a tiny start-up to a company with over 500 engineers. She began her career as a software engineer, but has always had a systems and operations focus, making DevOps/SRE a natural fit. Her professional passion is taking the pain out of deployments and operations through a combination of automation, monitoring, and best practices that actually work for humans.

Molly has a BA in History and an MS in Library and Information Science. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, biking, and generally spending time outdoors. She also loves to cook. More...

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer
38 Oxford Street | Room 208 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: molly_duggan@harvard.edu

Paul Edmon, PhD

paul edmondPaul specializes in supercomputing and computational fluid dynamics. He has done research on modeling particle acceleration and radiation. More...

ITC Research Computing Specialist
38 Oxford Street | Room 208 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: pedmon@cfa.harvard.edu

Mike Ethier

m_ethierMike is a senior systems administrator for the High Performance Research Computing group. He has worked on a variety of UNIX and Linux operating systems since 1988, and has focused on high performance linux/unix clusters since 1998. More...

Senior Systems Administrator
38 Oxford Street | Room 208 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: methier@cgr.harvard.edu
Tel: (617) 496-9739

Warren Frame

warrenWarren joined Research Computing in December 2015. Prior to this he worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at Rochester Regional Health, where he got a taste for automation in a Microsoft ecosystem. More...

Windows Infrastructure Engineer
38 Oxford Street | Room 210 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: wframe@g.harvard.edu

Bradford Freeman

Bradford FreemanBefore joining the Research Computing team in May 2015, I was previously at HUIT beginning my journey at Harvard in 2012. I was positioned as the Senior Technical Support Engineer in the Division of Sciences, assisting many of the faculty across the University and directly supporting the Dean of Sciences office in this time. More...

Scientific Systems Administrator
38 Oxford Street | Room 204 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: bfreeman@fas.harvard.edu

Dan Kelleher

dankBefore joining Research Computing in April 2015, Dan worked as a Technical Instructor at MIT in the Department of Physics. There he and his colleagues redesigned and maintained an instructional laboratory environment of Ubuntu and Fedora systems. More...

Software Infrastructure Engineer
38 Oxford Street | Room 210 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: dkelleher@g.harvard.edu

Plamen Krastev, PhD

Plamen_KrastevPlamen earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from the University of Idaho. Then he worked as a postdoctoral associate at Texas A&M University where he researched neutron star properties and gravitational waves. More...

Research Computing Specialist
38 Oxford Street | Room 117 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: plamenkrastev@fas.harvard.edu

Milan Kupcevic

Milan_KupcevicMilan has joined Research Computing at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in July 2014. He is experienced systems architect with a demonstrated history of working on cyberinfrastructure in higher education. More...

Lead Server Administrator
38 Oxford Street | Room 211 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: milan_kupcevic@harvard.edu

Henry Perkins

Henry PerkinsHenry joined Research Computing in September 2013. He was previously a Systems Administrator at Berklee College of Music primarily focused on systems backup and disaster recovery as well as implementing applications and providing support in a heterogeneous environment. More...

Research Computing Specialist
38 Oxford Street | Room 208 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: hperkins@g.harvard.edu

Francesco Pontiggia

Francesco graduated from SISSA/ISAS in Trieste - Italy, where he designed and applied statistical tools to model protein dynamics. He then worked as Postdoctoral Associate at Brandeis University, where he conducted research on functional conformational transitions in bacterial signaling proteins and protein kinases. He later worked as research computing specialist at Brandeis University, managing the research computing cluster and supporting researchers in the Division of Science. Francesco joined the Research Computing team in May 2017. More...

Cyberinfrastructure Research Consultant
38 Oxford Street | Room 102 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: pontiggia@g.harvard.edu

Josue Rivera

JosueJosue has worked in various IT support roles since his completion of military service in 2000. In 2008 he began working at Harvard as a Technical Support Engineer for FAS IT, and currently administers and supports various Linux and Mac systems as a Research Computing Specialist for the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. More...

Research Computing Specialist
38 Oxford Street | Room 208 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: jjrivera@fas.harvard.edu

Mahmood Mohammadi Shad

Before joining Harvard in June 2017, Mahmood was a postdoctoral research associate at City College of New York (CCNY). He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from CCNY and his research focus was on computational multiphase fluid dynamics, liquid-vapor phase change, high performance parallel computing, and scientific programming. He works with Harvard’s Research Computing team to build and maintain a computational infrastructure capable of supporting the Ölveczky lab’s research on neuroscience at the Center for Brain Science (CBS). He is also interested in developing new analytical methods for large-scale data analysis, and their efficient software implementation. In his free times, Mahmood enjoys urban and nature photography. More...

Scientific Software Engineer
38 Oxford Street | Room 204 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: mohammadi_shad@harvard.edu

Luis Silva, MS

luisAs a Dev-Ops Engineer, Luis implements continuous strategies that enhance the performance and reliability of high-performance computing infrastructure and data storage. He manages code and applications using git, puppet, ansible and other technologies along with continuous integration and testing suites. Luis configures and releases system changes within an agile framework and monitors them using ELK, graphite/grafana along with many other advanced tools. Luis worked in HUIT prior to joining RC and has been at Harvard for over 10 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Informatics from Northeastern University and a Bachelor’s Degree from CCSU. More...

Dev-Ops Engineer
38 Oxford Street | Room 210 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: luis_silva@harvard.edu

Austin Smith

Austin studied Middle Eastern History at Colgate University, where he rowed division one crew and developed a passion for Unix and free software. Prior to joining FASRC, he contributed to the Massachusetts Open Cloud as a part of the infrastructure team, helping to maintain and improve several OpenStack clusters used by teams of researchers at Harvard, Northeastern, Boston University, and MIT, among others. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, restoring worthless sailboats, and working on a small horse-powered farm in Western Massachusetts. More...

Software Infrastructure Engineer
38 Oxford Street | Room 210 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: alsmith@fas.harvard.edu

Muneeba Syed

Muneeba joined Research Computing in January 2018. Prior to that, she worked as a Training Facilitator at Roots and Wings helping middle and high schoolers build leadership and communication skills.
She received BAs in Computer Science and Economics, with a concentration in Peace and Social Justice from Wheaton College, MA.
In her free time, Muneeba enjoys learning about identity and social responsibility, movies, and pondering the deeper questions in life.

Research Computing Support Specialist
38 Oxford Street | Room 211 | Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: muneeba_syed@harvard.edu



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