FAS Research Computing offers a unique environment for its staff to explore new technology, engage with world-class researchers and students, and work in a unique, exciting, cutting-edge Research/HPC environment. Faculty of Arts and Sciences RC provides not only high-performance computing and research support, but also training, engagement, continued learning, and special projects.

FASRC seeks a diverse team of highly-motivated and engaged personnel to make our mission a success and make our team a pleasure to work within. Come join us and enjoy the benefits of working for Harvard University in an exciting and ever-growing research computing group.

Current openings

New England Research Cloud (multiple positions)

FAS Research Computing in partnership with Boston University Research Computing are building a common cloud framework that is tailored for data-driven discovery and will eventually be available to many institutions in New England. Together with core industry partners RedHat and Open Stack Foundation will develop a cost effective professionally operated on-prem cloud service with federated authentication and easy access to NESE that includes various levels of services, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.  See the NERC page for more details.

Associate Director of the Systems Software Group

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Harvard is seeking an Associate Director of the Systems Software Group to drive the development and adoption of leading practices in site reliability engineering within FAS Research Computing (FASRC).   This position will provide leadership and expertise in designing and implementing a suite of tools and services to support Operations Team in maintaining, deploying, and securing the vast server infrastructure across three datacenters. This position will join the management team in FAS Research Computing and report to the University Research Computing Officer. 

Job Summary

Actively contribute to strategic decisions regarding the deployment of and investments in RC solutions to keep up with the pace of complex research problems.  Set strategy for monitoring and maintaining the integrity of RC systems. Participate in cross-functional management teams and projects.  Establish partnerships with other IT and Data Center management.

Typical Core Duties

  • Responsible for effective staff management, including hiring and orientation, training and development, workflow and performance management, and the promotion of an inclusive and innovative work environment
  • Help to make strategic decisions regarding deployment of RC solutions
  • Set strategy for monitoring and maintaining the health and integrity of RC systems including upgrading and patching
  • Manage team resources, time and projects
  • Contribute to budget setting for the maintenance and operational costs and future RC investments
  • Manage the relationship with key IT (e.g. network and security) and Data Center partners to enable RC systems deployments in a timely manner
  • Build and maintain relationships with external technology vendors and act as liaison to technology providers for researchers
  • Maintain relationship with internal purchasing, finance, shipping & receiving
  • Review process and procedure for systems management that must meet regulated data compliant standards
  • Promote trainings in broad area of RC systems engineering to enhance team skills
  • Abide by and follow the Harvard University IT technical standards, policies and Code of Conduct

Additional Qualifications and Skills

  • A motivated learner who is flexible/positive towards change
  • Strong project management experience with the ability to work across diverse teams to produce timely deliverables.
  • Comfortable driving development in an Agile process and with a version control system such as GitLab.
  • Multiple years of experience with automated configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef, or Ansible.  
  • Experience with continuous monitoring practices with regards to Information Security.
  • Broad knowledgeable of Linux based server technology (cluster-computing, storage, database, virtualization, and networking).

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Research Software Engineer (Scientific Software Developer)

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FAS Research Computing is looking for a Research Software Engineer (Scientific Software Developer) to help with refactoring two R packages (developed by researchers) to meet the following,

  • Standard Code Design
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Standard Input/Output
  • Source Control Management
  • Unit Testing
  • Optimization of built-in statistical/numerical libraries 
  • Containerization (Docker, Singularity)
  • Cloud-readiness
  • Porting to Python 3.X
  • Documentation

This position works within a team of Research Software Engineers and researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and reports to the Associate Director of Research Software Engineering. Please send an email to mohammadi_shad@harvard.edu if you interested and want to learn more.

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Research Software Engineer [Storage]

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The FAS Research Computing department within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University is hiring a Research Software Engineer to help in developing a platform to manage heterogeneous storage. The software engineer works closely with research computing staff to develop a database system to manage storage and provide data analytics. You will be tasked to develop CLI and create interactive dashboards. You will perform the daily duties, attend weekly meetings, and assist on projects as assigned.

We Need Your Help For:

  • Writing Python codes for the extraction and loading of storage data to a database.
  • Writing CLI for data validation and verification.
  • Writing API for data retrieval and create analytics dashboards for interactive data visualization.

You will learn about:

  • Harvard's largest supercomputing cluster (CANNON)
  • Programming languages and tools (e.g., Python, Bash, Linux)
  • Graph database (Neo4j), RDBMS, API development and data visualization libraries (Plotly, D3.js)
  • Large scale storage systems like Luster, NFS, Isilon, Ceph, etc.

Basic qualifications:

  • High School diploma, in pursuit of a college degree and interested in technology

Additional qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience in programming (Python and Bash preferred)
  • Knowledge of data structures and databases
  • JavaScript or other visualization tools


3-Month temp position.

How to Apply?

Contact Dr. Mahmood M. Shad (mohammadi_shad@harvard.edu) if you are interested.

EEO Statement

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Research Software Engineer

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Harvard University is hiring a Research Software Engineer (RSE) to support researchers' software engineering and data management needs. Through regular engagements with researchers, the RSE will help with software engineering projects that may include scientific R code development and maintenance, data visualization, data wrangling, data management, creating independent software modules, and documenting software. This position works within a team of Research Software Engineers and Systems Engineers and reports to the Associate Director of Research Software Engineering.

Job Summary

Independently maintain software that supports and enriches research productivity and reliability. Develop software and data services with researchers to ensure that modern standards of reproducible code are kept.

Typical Core Duties

  • Learn from developer meetings with researchers on how to design, plan, and implement software that enriches research productivity and reliability
  • Begin to build an understanding of research activities through regular engagements
  • Follow a scope of work, project plan, working on and track the progress of small number of milestones at a time
  • Maintain aspects of software code and custom data processing pipelines for complex environments
  • Troubleshoot problems and suggest improvements to coding practices
  • Grow skills in a specific technology to develop custom solutions to meet researchers needs
  • Work in a team of developers and researchers in collaboration with systems professionals
  • Provide regular communications to project leads with updates
  • Maintain internal code design and development guides for future contributors
  • Learn to teach workshops for researchers on sustainable software and data management practices
  • Abide by and follow the Harvard University IT technical standards, policies and Code of Conduct

Additional Qualifications and Skills

  • Scientific programming skills (R and Python are preferred).
  • Knowledge of health data nature/structure and management
  • Experience with data wrangling, data virtualization, data curation techniques (R and Python are preferred).
  • Familiarity with SQL database language.
  • Knowledge of data extraction techniques with web scraping or REST API
  • Experience with Linux and distributed computing is a plus.
  • Comfortable working with version control systems such as git.
  • Basic statistical expertise would be preferred.

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