I wanted to take a moment and thank Nate St. Germain, Brian White, Mike Ethier and John Noss for all the support they have been providing. The response and follow up is excellent. Also, the office hours have been really helpful. It makes my projects so much easier.

- Kai Trepte, Software Engineer, Aspuru-Guzik Group, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

I just wanted to let you know that my lab will be moving to UCSF starting September 1st, 2014. Thanks again for all the support the last few years, I'm not sure what we would have done without RC.

- Peter Turnbaugh, Bauer Fellow, FAS Center for Systems Biology

Thanks for taking the time to fill me in and to meet with Phoebe today. She couldn't say enough about how helpful and enthusiastic everyone at RC was! This means an awful lot to a young graduate student taking on the huge challenge of developing a big code. I am looking forward to getting meade02 spun up and putting that thing to work. If we can start to do these calculations at the scale we hope to we'll honestly be able to hear the echoes of ancient earthquakes and, perhaps, predict the times of future ones. Your help makes a huge difference!

-Brendan Meade, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

My name is Panos Toulis, and I am a Phd student in Stats. My research would be impossible without the cluster.

- Panos Toulis, PhD Student, Department of Statistics

I have never had a bad thought, let alone bad word to say about my experiences working with RC, but I have taken every opportunity to tell the world how incredible you guys all are. You have been such a solid, professional, expert, well humored bunch of rag tag ops guys lead by a crazy Brit that I have ever met and I have genuinely enjoyed working with you, and the confidence you’ve all given me that our project was in good hands for the last few years.

- Anthony Goddard, Technical Operations Lead, Encyclopedia of Life

I just want to take a moment to express appreciation and admiration for the astonishing degree of effective and engaged support that James’ group has provided to EPS through the start of the spring term. We had some jarring bumps during the start of the fall term and were collectively determined to ensure that this was not the case for the spring. James’ staff have been all-eyes-on and have responded with rapidity and effectiveness that is above and beyond any reasonable expectation. Truly an embodiment of what we all strive to be in reflecting Harvard’s standard of excellence. The faculty and students who are teaching and learning in our classrooms have never been better supported!

- Paul Kelley, Laboratory Director, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

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