Publications Acknowledging the FASRC Cluster

After Sept. 24, 2019
To acknowledge use of the Cannon cluster in your publications please use the following text as a guideline:
"The computations in this paper were run on the FASRC Cannon cluster supported by the FAS Division of Science Research Computing Group at Harvard University."
Prior to Sept. 24, 2019
To acknowledge use of Odyssey in your publications please use the following text as a guideline:
"The computations in this paper were run on the FASRC Odyssey cluster supported by the FAS Division of Science Research Computing Group at Harvard University."

We are always very interested in hearing about research conducted with the help of our computing resources. If you do not find your publication listed below, we encourage you to send us details so that we can include them.

2021 (27 publications)

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2020 (44 publications)

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