Manasvita Joshi

Associate Director of Data Science & Research Facilitation

Manasvita Joshi is an Associate Director for Data Science and Research Facilitation in FAS Research Computing (FASRC) at Harvard University. She is responsible for leading the data science and research facilitation team to guide and support our world-class researchers on advanced cyberinfrastructure resources; actively contributing to strategic decisions impacting research facilitation and training to ensure FASRC keeps pace with our researcher’s complex computational needs; leading and participating in cross-functional management teams and projects; and establishing partnerships with other academic and library technology groups.

She has 3+ years of experience in Research Computing and 15+ years of experience in high-energy astrophysics, numerical modeling, data exploration, & data analysis. She has been a PI for multiple NASA-funded projects and reviewer for grant committees. She has spoken at 30+ conferences, taught astronomy courses, and mentored students.