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Office Hours

Coming to Office Hours (Wednesdays from 12-3PM Room #206)?
Research Computing is located on the second floor of 38 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Please note that this building is not actually on Oxford Street. It is located just to the east (or behind) the Northwest Labs, and just north of the Biological Labs. Click here for an interactive map.

Use the entrance on the southwest corner of the building (marked in the map below), which is unlocked during regular business hours. Climb the ramp and go through the doors, then take an immediate right to go through a door and up the stairwell to the second floor.

Video directions from Oxford Street assuming you are opposite Maxwell Dworkin can be viewed here.

If you are planning to drive, please be advised that on-street parking is very limited and University-owned lots require a pre-paid day permit. We strongly urge using public transportation.