Adam Trefonides

Research Computing Facilitator

Before joining FAS Research Computing in 2021, Adam spent two years at the Origami Neurodatascience lab at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec working with large neuroimaging datasets for the Neurohub project. He's been a UNIX Systems Administrator for more than 2 decades, 13 years with Argonne National Lab with the CELS division, and about a decade at the University of Chicago in many and varied roles. Adam knows about the UnderPinings, in his head he is an early '80s punk on his way to the Rat, but he is slowly accepting himself as a greybeard suspender wearing UNIX BOFH.

When he is not fighting with daemons he spends time repairing his 3D Printers, releasing the magik smoke, talking the ear off whoever happens to be nearby, (he will tell you long stories from his years as a long-haul trucker and wild art school parties - you've been warned - and spending as much time with his family as possible now that he's finally back on this side of the border.