Billing FAQ

During the fiscal year 2019 (FY19), FAS Research Computing is becoming a specialized cost center in order to meet the demands of our growing user base that includes labs outside of the FAS. Having the same cost structures across all of the Schools/Institutes at Harvard allows FASRC to be better aligned to a number of regulations and requirements. Our service catalog is made up of three primary billable areas: Compute (cluster) use, Storage, and Virtual Machines (VMs).


Compute usage on the Odyssey cluster is aggregated monthly by PI group and billed to each school or department. Individual user breakdowns within each lab will be made available. It is up to each school/department to determine how their charges are paid.

Shared1 Core + 4GB RAM$0.0205
requeue/Lab Owned1 Core + 4GB RAM$0.0029
These rates include each lab's access to fast scratch space, default lab storage space, and support from RC staff (help ticket, office hours, etc.)


Additional lab storage, beyond the base lab share (currently 4TB) and Regal fast scratch quota allotted to all PI labs, is charged by the Terabyte (TB).

Standard with off-site DR copy1$50.00
For specialized or large storage needs beyond 500TB please contact us to discuss options.

Virtual Machines (VMs)

VM Tier Descriptions

1Fully monitored, RC is responsible for service availability and proper functioning of the base VM. No sudo/root access. NFS mounts allowed.FAS RC
2RC provisions requested OS, end-user has limited privileged access (example: May have sudo to restart webserver). NFS mounts allowed.FAS RC & Customer (limited)
3RC provisions "bare metal" with requested OS, hands off to requester who has administrative control. No NFS mounts allowed, as a result. RC is responsible for proper functioning and health of the KVM infrastructure. End-user is responsible for all other maintenance including software and administration of services.Customer
VM Initial Setup Charge
Under revision
VM Annual Costs
Under revision



Additional costs may be incurred for projects such as Level 3 or 4 data with special requirements, multiple groups or VPN realms. Contact us to discuss any special needs you may have.

Projects external to Harvard may incur a 69% charge for F&A. We will notify any such projects of this additional cost when discussing setup.