Creating a portal app

THIS IS A LEGACY DOCUMENT LEFT HERE AS A COURTESY - PLEASE CONTACT RC BEFORE RELYING ON THIS INFORMATION IN PRODUCTION This page describes the process for developing portal applications. Portal apps are Django apps that work within the portal project The RC web portal is a Django project that contains a set of common web application elements (login forms,…

Customizing Your Environment on Odyssey

When your account is created on Odyssey it is created with some basic default options. It is possible to customize these. Below explains some of the changes that you can make. Change your information By default we do not store your GECOS (General Electric Comprehensive Operating System) field in the Odyssey directory server. You will likely see the following: [hptc@iliadaccess03…

How are job priorities within a queue determined?

All public queues on Odyssey employ 'Fairshare' queueing, in which a job's priority within a queue is calculated as follows: dynamic priority = number_shares / (cpu_time * CPU_TIME_FACTOR + run_time*RUN_TIME_FACTOR + (1 + job_slots)*RUN_JOB_FACTOR) cpu_time The cumulative CPU time used by the user (measured in hours). LSF calculates the cumulative CPU time using the actual (not normalized) CPU time and…

Why are my jobs in the SSUSP state?

To maximize cluster efficiency, the short_ and normal_serial queues target nodes that are owned by individual research groups. These groups have agreed to let their nodes be used by general users on the condition that should a member of the owning research group need to run a job and there are insufficient processors open, then guest jobs using their nodes will be suspended while the owner's job runs. The guest job will remain suspended until the owning job finishes, even if other nodes open up (i.e., there is no job migration).

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--- mrbayes-3.1.2.orig/bayes.c	2005-12-23 11:26:28.000000000 -0500
+++ mrbayes-3.1.2.patched/bayes.c 2009-06-05 01:12:51.000117000 -0400
@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
#include #include
#include "mb.h"
#include "globals.h"
#include "bayes.h"
@@ -279,20 +280,69 @@
if (proc_id == 0)
- cmdStrP = readline("MrBayes > ");
- if(cmdStrP!=NULL)
- {
- strncpy(cmdStr,cmdStrP,CMD_STRING_LENGTH - 2);
- if (*cmdStrP)
- add_history(cmdStrP);
- free (cmdStrP);

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