MGHPCC (Holyoke) Annual Power Shutdown 8/9/21-8/12/21

The annual MGHPCC data center power shutdown and maintenance will occur August 9th through August 12th.

  • Power-down will begin at 6PM on August 9th. (NOTE: some jobs will be terminated at 9am due to rack shutdowns in 7C, see TASKS below)
  • Power will be out that night and through the following day , August 10th. (See also Boston below)
  • Maintenance and network upgrades will occur on August 11th.
  • Power-up ETA and return to service is noon on August 12th.

While this outage impacts all services and resources in the MGHPCC/Holyoke data center, please be aware that this can have a knock-on effect for some Boston services as well. See below: 

Boston storage, login, and VDI WILL be affected on August 10th.
Any additional Boston outages will be noted here closer to the date.


visual representation of the schedule described above


  • Row 7C work (starts Aug 9th 9am): Jobs running on any node in the following racks will be terminated by 9am to facilitate shutting down these racks for hardware changes/cooling shutoff: holy7c16, holy7c18, holy7c20, holy7c22, holy7c24, holy7c26
    This will impact jobs in the following partitions: arguelles_delgado, davies, edwards, fasse, geophysics, giribet, huce_cascade, huce_cascade_priority, imasc, itc_cluster, kovac, cf, ncf_interact, ncf_nrg, ortegahernandez, phelevan, shared (partial outage), test, unrestricted, xlin, zon
    New Ice Lake nodes, bigmem, and A100 GPU-equipped nodes will be added in this row. Cooling shutdown to these racks is necessary in order for Lenovo to install this new hardware.
  • Login and compute OS upgrades
  • Infiniband upgrades
  • SLURM master replacement
  • Core and distribution equipment replacement
  • Isilon firmware upgrades
  • Network maintenance and upgrades
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Aug 09 - 12 2021


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Annual MGHPCC Power Shutdown Aug 9-12 [Details and Schedule]
Next monthly maintenance October 4th (skipping August & September due to above downtime.)
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