Odyssey helps simulate conditions on Mars & beyond


Simulations using the Odyssey cluster played a key role in two new papers, one authored by Harvard Assistant Professor Robin Wordsworth and one by Prof. Wordsworth along with colleagues across the country, which concern planetary conditions on Mars and on tidally locked rocky planets.

The first, Atmospheric Heat Redistribution and Collapse on Tidally Locked Rocky Planets by Robin Wordsworth, was published
in The Astrophysical Journal.
Link to paper at Arxiv.org: [link]

The second, Comparison of 'warm and wet' and 'cold and icy' scenarios for early Mars in a 3D climate model by R. Wordsworth, L. Kerber, R. Pierrehumbert, F. Forget and J. Head appears in the Journal of Geophysical Research.
Link to paper ay Arxiv.org: [link]
Link to press release at AGU: [link]