Policy: regal scratch


RC maintains a large, shared scratch filesystems for general use for high input/output jobs at n/regal. This workspace is made available with the provision that files older than 90 days will be deleted through a periodic purge process (generally during our maintenance period, but also any time the filesystem is in danger of filling up).

There is no charge for Regal, but please note that it intended as volatile scratch space intended for transient data and is not backed up. If your lab group needs a directory in regal, please contact us.

As of December 1st 2014 we began enforcing file retention on scratch space. Unused files older than 90 days will be periodically removed from the filesystem. If data on scratch needs to be kept longer, please contact us to discuss options. Modifying file times to avoid retention is against current policy.


PLEASE NOTE: Holyscratch's last purge was completed in late 2015 and it is now in read-only mode pending its eventual decommissioning (Update: Holyscratch was decommissioned in early 2016). Regal is our primary scratch.

Please make provisions to copy/move any important non-transient data out of scratch and into home and/or lab folders if it needs to be preserved. Data removed during purges cannot be recovered.

We thank you for your understanding concerning this policy, as we try to provide the best service possible to our research community. Scratch space is a resource shared by the entire cluster and its performance and availability depends on us all.

Last updated: April 25, 2017 at 9:19 am

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