Introduction to Unix

We do not routinely teach beginning Unix classes, though we may offer hands-on sessions as a part of multi-topic workshops. However, we do expect you (and strongly encourage you) to be comfortable with the following Unix skills before submitting jobs on the cluster:


  • Know how to traverse directories
  • Know how to create & remove files & directories
  • Know how to copy/move files & directories
  • Know how to edit a file using a simple text editor like nano, vi, or emacs
  • Read and write files with commands like head, tail, cat, and less
  • Understand and modify unix file/directory permissions
  • Understand I/O redirection
  • Have some basic understanding of $PATH and what login files are for


If you cannot perform all these functions, please review any of the following materials (each link uses a different teaching/learning methodology):

The time invested in having good Unix chops will save you hours, if not days, in the future.