The management demands demand management!

Today was one of those hot days here in New England. We set power rates based on load on high days randomly sampled. They call this stuff "demand management" We use quite a lot of power here in our shop for lots of computers, so this here manager demanded some management of the power loads! Hehehe. Fortunately we were able to power down some of them until later on this afternoon to do our bit. Pretty psyched to be re-tweeted by our Sustainability Management team as well ;-)

These next two pictures are fun, the first one is the compute load where you see the gray color as 28,000 processors running full tilt this morning with less and less load up to 12:00 today. What is interesting is comparing the chart to the one of KW/hr you can see below it. We can clearly see two bars of power (red and green lines) each running at 200KW at full tilt which drop to about 80KW when we kill the jobs. What I love is where some jobs are running and not using the whole machine the power fluctuates in perfect sync. Finally the power then drops further 60KW once we issued the "power off" around 12:30 for that portion of the compute. This also shows how amazingly power efficient modern processors actually are these days especially when they don't have heavy work loads on them put are still energized.

Pretty cool heh? Love how these are in sync with each other!

Power is something we all think about here in our computing shop, take this little example below, for example! Yup, those are "mega watts" right there on the y-axis :-)