Monthly maintenance November 1st, 2021 7am-11am

Regular monthly maintenance will take place Monday November 1st, 2021 7-11am


  • ISILON (Tier1) maintenance - To improve stability and security, we will be remounting NFS Isilon shares on the cluster. Lab shares on bos-isilon and holy-isilon will be affected. (Samba mounts will not be affected.)
    This includes any shares mounted under /net/rcstorenfs/i, /net/rcstorenfs02, /net/bos-isilon,  /net/bos-nfsisilon, /net/holy-nfsisilon, and /net/holy-isilon
    If you are unsure if this affects your lab share, cd to your share and run df --output=target .
    The output will contain your share's mount point. Example output for affected share on /net/rcstorenfs:
    $ cd /n/jharvard_lab
    $ df --output=target .
    Mounted on

  • IQSS - Sid Open OnDemand MVP beta - This environment is in Beta. It will be accessible by invite only and will run in parallel with the default Open OnDemand FASSE dashboard.
  • Training sessions available: https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/upcoming-training/ 
  • New Storage Service Center launched FY22 (July 1st 2021).  See Billing FAQ https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/policy/billing-faq/ and list of storage tiers https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/services/data-storage/. Individual PIs will be contacted about setting up their billing.
  • If you have a 2021/2021 publication that made use of the FASRC cluster and you don't find it listed here, please do let us know: https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/cluster/publications/


      • SLURM 21.08 upgrade - The scheduler will be upgraded to 21.08 - Find out about new features here
        • Audience: All cluster user
        • Impact: Jobs will be paused during the upgrade. The scheduler will be briefly unavailable during upgrade.
      • (IQSS) Deploying the Sid MVP Beta to the FAS SE HPC cluster -
        • Audience: IQSS SID beta users
        • Impact: We do not expect any impact to other users of the FASSE system.
      • Login node and VDI node reboots
        • Audience: Anyone logged into a a login node or VDI/OOD node
        • Impact: Login and VDI/OOD nodes will be unavailable while updating and rebooting
      • Scratch cleanup ( https://docs.rc.fas.harvard.edu/kb/policy-scratch/ )
        • Audience: Cluster users
        • Impact: Files older than 90 days will be removed.
        • Reminder: Scratch 90-day file retention purging runs occur regularly not just during maintenance periods.


FAS Research Computing

Reminder: Scratch 90-day file retention purging runs occur regularly not just during maintenance periods.

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Nov 01 2021


7:00 am - 11:00 am
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