Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC)

mocThe Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) initiative is a consortium of private and public institutions across Massachusetts dedicated to the creation of publicly available cloud computing that will drive Big Data innovation. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has provided $3M to fund the initiative, and matching funds from a mix of federal, industry and philanthropic sources are expected to exceed $16M. The project’s central goal is to develop a shared infrastructure in the Commonwealth for running big data applications, empowering researchers and companies to explore, develop and release cloud-based Big Data technology.

The MOC is a collaboration that draws from all five MGHPCC universities, including overall project leadership from Boston University, operational leadership from Harvard University, development leadership from Northeastern University, community building from MIT and related research by faculty from the University of Massachusetts, Boston University, Northeastern University, Harvard University and MIT. Industry partners, including Cisco, EMC, SGI, Red Hat, Juniper, Canonical, Dell, Intel, Mellanox, Brocade, DataDirect Networks, Mathworks, Plexxi, Cambridge Computer Services, Enterprise DB and Riverbed are contributing engineering and operational talent, equipment, financial support and business guidance. The hardware platform for the Massachusetts Open Cloud will be housed at the MGHPCC.