New scratchlfs02 online, see details

Dec 18, 2019
As most of you know, the scratchlfs system has exhibited performance issues and instability for some time. We're pleased to announce that a replacement system has been delivered, built, tested, benchmarked, and is ready for your use now at /n/scratchlfs02 .
Along with regular monthly maintenance on January 13th, 2020 ( https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/monthly-maintenance ), some changes around scratch space will occur.
* The new scratch filesystem is now online at /n/scratchlfs02 - During the next monthly maintenance period on January 13th, 2020, we will re-point the $SCRATCH variable to this new filesystem.
* At that time, scratchlfs and scratchssdlfs will be set to read-only to allow you to copy any data you need to the new scratchlfs02 filesystem. Please do so sooner rather than later as /n/scratchlfs (and scratchssdlfs) will be shut down and returned on Feb. 3rd, 2020.
* Those who used the temporary scratchlfs04 space, your data was relatively small overall and has already been moved to scratchlfs02. Please begin using scratchlfs02 ASAP..

Thank you and happy holidays to all.

FAS Research Computing